IP related life

We and our world of IP related life… networks, devices, ideas. Earth has been imprisoned in IP world so IP-risoned. I am sure, implementation of IPv6 will make more home devices network connected.

Yeah! IPmad blog just started!

I am dealing with IP world every day as most of the people. Influence of the electronics devices and automaticaly networks is so great that the latest generation should be called ‘Homo IPcus’.

Some people ar not able to breath without mobile, facebook or twitter, however general knowledge of networking is very limited so bad guys are able to exploit this in many ways.

So I decided to publish my experiences from networking world to help people survive in IP wrapped world full of digital information. I hope sharing my experiences will help to understand digital aspects of everyday life.

Understanding Internet connected devices

My aim is to explain all topics in simply words.

In my mind understanding is most important in computer world. Lack of knowledge can finish with PC/mobile hiacked by bad guys monitoring your keyboard, sending spam or even worse – sending DDOS packets to one of government sites. Interacting with networks with understanding will always pay back.


I added many great and helpful links in another post – you can find them here